Adam Kowalski

Mobile Developer

Our iOS Picasso doesn't mess around

If there’s one thing Adam doesn’t like, it’s detours. For example, if you send him a few questions for a website profile such as this one, he doesn’t send answers back, but his website profile instead. So, here it is: Adam is our senior iOS developer, and at work, of course, he is just as much to the point as he always is.

He uses the Swift, SwiftUI & Combine, UIKit, Core Data, Objective-C technologies to create iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV applications. But if you dig a bit deeper, there is more to it. You’ll find that he loves what he does because he treats everything like little electronic works of art. So, here’s to our iOS Picasso.

It might not be without reason that (if you want to), you can speak to him in English, Polish and maybe soon Spanish. Picasso, after all. Or he might just be preparing for his dream of traveling around the world by wind-powered sailboat.

Really good at

  • JSON
  • XML
  • Swift
  • Reactive Programming
  • MySQL
  • Xcode
  • Jenkins
  • Mac OS X
  • REST