Update to Atlassian's Advantaged Prices: What Does This Mean For You?

Atlassian's new prices for advantaged plans are going to influence Server and Data Center products. On the bright side, there is no better time to plan your journey to Atlassian Cloud!

Starting from February 15, 2022, Atlassian is going to update the prices for the advantaged plans of some Server and Data Center products. This price update is going to affect only those customers who are currently benefiting from the advantaged plan, which means that the current list prices for new Data Center subscriptions are not affected by this change. Before the price update goes into effect, you can contact us now to renew your current subscription.
Here are the products which will be affected by the price increase:

  • Data Center advantaged prices increase by 13-15% for Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Management products
  • Server advantaged prices increase for renewals by 10-25% for Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Core products

What is an advantaged plan and are you affected by this change?

For those who are wondering what an advantaged plan is, we can briefly explain it: Atlassian has a policy to offer advantaged prices for the existing customers to protect them from extensive list price increases. The plan of Atlassian has always been bringing the advantaged prices closer to the list prices – but doing it step-by-step. Therefore, the subscription prices for some of the Atlassian Server and Data Center products that are on advantaged pricing plans are increasing. If you don’t know whether you are using an advantaged plan or not, you can contact us to learn more.

Atlassian price list as of February 2022

Why is Atlassian increasing the advantaged prices?

You may ask why Atlassian is increasing the advantaged prices of Server and Data Center products. Actually, this increase is not really unexpected. As tenured customers, the existing customers are on an advantaged pricing plan that is below the list price. As Atlassian has previously communicated, the prices of advantaged plans are gradually increasing to ease you into list prices, which are competitively priced relative to the market.

Best strategy to move forward

So, what is the best strategy to minimize the cost of your Atlassian products despite the increasing prices?

Renew the subscription in place

The first possibility is that you renew your yearly subscription before February 15, 2022. You will thereby benefit from the old prices for one more year. Another option is that we renew your products for a two-year term so that you have fixed prices for a longer time. However, please be aware that after this date, you won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade the user tier of your Server licenses as we announced previously. Besides, please also keep in mind that Atlassian ends the new feature developments for Server products starting from February 15, 2022.

Start planning your journey to Atlassian Cloud – now!

We are aware that almost nobody likes price increases of their favourite products. However, you can consider this news as a great opportunity to start planning your journey to Atlassian Cloud! Contrary to the common misconceptions regarding Atlassian Cloud, you can save a lot by choosing the Cloud, especially bearing this price update in mind. Also, it is possible that you can freely choose where your Atlassian Cloud data is hosted within Europe thanks to the data residency feature.

Save more than 40 % of your Cloud license costs

In certain circumstances, you can save 40 % or more on costs when migrating to Atlassian Cloud. Besides, by using Atlassian Cloud Savings Calculator, you can compare what you currently spend on operational and maintenance costs and what Atlassian Cloud products might cost you. Contact us, so we can help you identify the best path to Atlassian Cloud.

Time to take action!

When all these things are considered, it might be the best time to migrate to the Atlassian Cloud to gain a real competitive advantage for your business. Nevertheless, migrating to the Cloud can be complicated with all your complex setups and individual customizations. As a Platinum Solution Partner for many years, we know best how to accompany you on your journey to the Cloud at your own pace. If you are curious to advance your business with the power of Atlassian Cloud or you have any questions about how to proceed with your licenses, contact us via email or go ahead and book a time for your free and no-obligation session. As always, we are here and happy to help you!