Scaling Jira & Confluence Cloud up to 35,000 users is now possible

Increase the scalability of your Atlassian Cloud products

To ensure that our largest customers can migrate to Cloud, Atlassian is removing scale blockers by increasing the number of users that are supported on a single instance of Confluence or Jira Software Cloud. This is the next step for Atlassian to increase the scalability of our Cloud products to fulfil their Enterprise promise.

For customers and partners who need to deploy more than 35,000 users, we continue to offer multi-instance benefits with the Cloud Enterprise plan, which allows you to standardize on Cloud, but have the flexibility to set up multiple instances to support custom team needs or for security purposes.

The general availability of 35,000 users per product instance and new monthly/annual pricing tiers between 20,000 - 35,000 users for Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud across Standard / Premium / Enterprise plans starts today, July 14th 2022.

What does this change mean?

  1. Existing Server / Data Center customers with 20,000 - 35,000 users per product instance who were blocked from moving to Cloud due to the current limitation of 20,000 users per instance will now be unblocked.
  2. Existing cloud customers who deployed or are planning to deploy multiple instances due to the 20,000 user limit can now consolidate up to 35,000 users on one instance.
  3. Customers with multiple instances for customization or security reasons who still need one large corporate instance for all users can now support additional capacity (up to 35,000 users) on that instance.

Question & Answer

Question Answer
Which products are getting new tiers? The new cloud user tiers are for Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud (Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans).
What are the new monthly per user pricing tiers? ≤ 1,000 users: There are no tier changes.New tiers are: * 20,001 - 25,000
  • 25,001 - 30,000
  • 30,001 - 35,000
What are the new annual fixed tiers? ≤ 20,000 users: There are no tier changes.New tiers are: * 20,001 - 21,000
  • 21,000 - 22,000
  • 22,001 - 23,000
  • 23,001 - 24,000
  • 24,001 - 25,000
  • 25,001 - 26,000
  • 26,001 - 27,000
  • 27,001 - 28,000
  • 28,001 - 29,000
  • 29,001 - 30,000
  • 30,001 - 31,000
  • 31,001 - 32,000
  • 32,001 - 33,000
  • 33,001 - 34,000
  • 34,001 - 35,000
Are Atlassian-owned apps or Marketplace apps getting new user tiers? Yes, the new user tiers (20,001 - 30,000+) will be available for Atlassian-owned apps and Marketplace Partner apps.Marketplace Partners will be able to set their cloud app pricing for the new user tiers at their discretion.
Are there any limitations with identity or Access? No, there are no limitations to either identity or Access with the increased user tiers. Both Jira Software and Confluence leverage the identity platform and their user management capabilities. This platform is built into our Cloud infrastructure and, as part of this launch, now able to support ~150K users.Separately, Access provides an additional layer of identity and access management controls that admins can use to better secure their users. Access can be configured for up to 35K users, in-line with this increased user tier.
When will the 20,001-35,000 cloud user tiers be available for purchase? The 20,001-35,000 cloud user tiers will be available on Jul 14, 2022 PT.
Will you offer >35,000 cloud user tiers? Yes, we are continuously working to ensure we can meet our customers' scale needs today and into the future. Our next milestone is 50,000 user tiers for Jira Software and Confluence.

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