Scale Away! with kreuzwerker - A review.

Review and recordings of our virtual event

Our virtual event took place on the 14th of May. Find a short review and the recordings of the whole event that addressed how to turbo charge your Atlassian workload in AWS.

On the 14th of May, we invited users from different industries to check out our online event. And, upon request, we sent popcorn to anyone who wanted to enjoy the event with a snack. Daniel Meisen (kreuzwerker), Andrew Powell (AWS) and Mert Ünsal (Atlassian) were the speakers.

After a short intro by the host of the event, Daniel Meisen, he continued by talking about operating multiple, heterogenous Atlassian workloads at scale, and still being able to move fast. This requires a flexible infrastructure and tooling. He showed us how to get our Atlassian Server and Data Center workloads deployed in the cloud, how to get the most out of it and still respond fast. In short: operate more with less. Watch his recording here.

Right afterwards, it was Andrew Powell’s turn to talk about how to make the most out of your Jira in AWS. He showed us some best practices on how to run Jira Data Center on AWS, and answered all the questions that came up. In addition, he revealed some hidden AWS gems, which will take your Jira Data Center experience to the next level. Watch his recording here.

After a short coffee break, in which everyone had a little time to digest all the information and grab a coffee or tea, the event continued with Mert Ünsal who talked about Atlassian’s approach to ITSM. Mert explained that the steadily increasing number of services (internal and external), and the associated monitoring solutions and service desks ensure a large number of incident messages from different channels. He covered Atlassian’s way of incident management by using Jira Service Desk, OpsGenie and Statuspage. He explained how alerts are handled automatically, how they are processed as incidents and how they communicate with IT teams and customers alike. Watch his recording here.

After all these very informative presentations, we had a break out session with four topics. Every attendee could jump in and talk about even more detailed hands-on experience or ask questions that might have arisen during the talks.

We thank every speaker for sharing their knowledge and every attendee for participating in the event and sharing feedback. Please check out our video channel and watch the recordings, and of course, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We at kreuzwerker would be more than happy to help you turbo charge your Atlassian workload on AWS too.

Cover image by Simon Abrams from Unsplash