Price Changes and Deadlines for Atlassian Server and Data Center Licenses

The only thing that never changes is that things change.

If you’ve found this page, you’ve probably already heard that the prices and availability of Atlassian Server and Data Center products will be changing. We understand no one likes to see such adjustments, but we are here to make sure you know your options and select the one that is best for you!

As of 15.02.2023 PT (pacific time) the following will apply:

Data Center

Advantaged price plan:

  • Data Center Jira Software 15%
  • Data Center Confluence 15%

List price:

  • No changes


Advantaged price plan:
Jira Software / Confluence:

  • '<500 User increase by 15 %
  • '>500 User increase by 25 %

List price:
Jira Software / Confluence:

  • Increasing between 0.5 - 15%
  • Tiers with 25 - 2,000 seats


15 Feb 2023 PT: no further purchase or installation of new server apps from the Atlassian Marketplace will be possible.

But what does that mean? Will your licenses be affected? What is the best value option for you? That’s where kreuzwerker can help.

What is advantaged pricing?

Advantage Price Plans are special plans that are below the list price. They were designed as a temporary measure to take the sting out of price increases for existing customers. The goal is to gradually bring them into line with (the still very competitive) list prices. If you’re not sure whether you are on an Advantage Price Plan, feel free to write to us and check.

Will you be affected?

Possibly. We will do our best to reach out to all our affected customers by email, but if you think we might have missed you, or if you’re not (yet) a customer of ours, write to us to make sure.

What about apps?

The price adjustment only officially applies to Jira Software and Confluence, but in our experience, app vendors often follow suit.

Is it time to migrate to Cloud?

In a word: YES! This is the perfect time to think about making the move to the Cloud, especially for customers who are still on a Server. Not only are the prices increasing, but it will no longer be possible to purchase or install new Server apps from 15.02.2023.

Even better, there is still time to benefit from the Cloud Loyalty Discount and Cloud Migration Trial.

The migration to Cloud can be an intimidating project, but if you have been putting it off, it is time to make a start! As a Cloud Specialized Atlassian Platinum Partner, kreuzwerker is here to help. Get in touch with Lars, Madeleine or Astrid at to book an assessment and start planning.

What other options are there?

We strongly recommend investigating Atlassian Cloud. You do not want to miss the boat!

However, if you are on a Data Center or Server and committed to staying there, your best option is to extend your subscription before 15.02.2023 to lock in the current pricing.

Server licenses can be extended for 12 months or until 15.02.2024 at the latest. Data Center subscriptions can be extended for 12 or 24 months. Get in touch with us for a quote at