Currywurst meets Äbbelwoi – kreuzwerker goes Frankfurt

Superficially seen, Frankfurt and Kreuzberg are about as far apart as developers and accountants. We want to change both!
Oliver Gehrmann

Scintillating facades, Porsche drivers in sharp suits slipping from one underground car park into another, while black turns into blue and uncovers the dirty little secrets of Berlin in Peter Fox’s song. Superficially seen, Frankfurt and Kreuzberg are about as far apart as developers and accountants. And that’s exactly why kreuzwerker is on the Main now: because we want to change both!

IT meets finance.

“So, there’s this developer who meets a financial accountant…” It may sound like the beginning of a (not so) funny anecdote. But for us, it’s the beginning of a success story. Namely yours. We’ll help you set up a technically effective and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure. It might sound complicated, but we’ve already had cases in which, after 5 minutes of effort and asking the right questions, we were able to save more than 50% of the entire cloud environment costs.

After DevOps and NoOps, there is now FinOps.

FinOps will be the next standard in the field of cloud operations. And we should know. We’re the best Certified FinOps Service Provider in the DACH region. Okay, to be honest, we’re the only one. Still… FinOps is, in short, the most efficient way to optimize the costs of cloud-based applications. As a cultural mindset and a new, collaborative way of working, it unites the key stakeholders for a company’s success: technology and finance. Up until now, these two have fought like cats and dogs, especially when it concerns variable cost structure of a cloud. FinOps enables joint technical and financial control of the cloud so that interdisciplinary teams can find the best solutions between speed, costs, and quality. And with us you can be one of the first to benefit from it.

We don’t just offer FinOps. We live it.

Team Frankfurt

Starting it all off is us, Oliver Gehrmann and Manuel Vogel. We manage the new office in Frankfurt. As developers and architects, we are obsessed with making everything as efficient as possible. The shorter the code, the prouder we are. We are always fascinated by what we can discover in new areas. That’s why we have already seen the world from several sides and can provide A to Z experience; from IT to management and from development to operation. We are both able to steer the course with the C-Level and understand code with the developers.
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