Jira Service Desk is becoming Jira Service Management (JSM) - What does it mean for you?

The next generation of ITSM

Atlassian’s transformation continues with some new features for Jira Service Desk! What started as an add-on became a product in its own right and is now a dedicated IT Service Management (ITSM) platform: Jira Service Management (JSM). As just introduced at the Atlassian Team Tour 2020, JSM is the next generation of Atlassian’s ITSM offering. It enables all teams with an enhanced platform to deliver even faster customer value.

All changes at a glance

  • Jira Service Desk’s new name became Jira Service Management on November 09, 2020
  • Opsgenie is now an integral part of Jira Service Management
  • The native integration of Insight makes a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and thus configuration and asset management an integral part of Jira Service Management
  • In the medium term, with the help of the recently acquired Halp, conversation-driven integration (Slack, teams, …) is included in JSM.

What is Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management comprises extensive IT service management that supports development, IT, operations and business teams:

  • to collaborate and respond to business changes at an even higher speed
  • to deliver improved service experiences for customers and employees
  • to create visibility and transparency between cross-functional teams.

IT teams in particular must keep pace with the increasingly rapid development of a business world in digital transformation. It may not be slowed down by outdated ITSM solutions. Incorrect and rigid process orientation, non-integrated tools as well as silo thinking between IT, development, operations and business teams must be eliminated immediately.
Organizations such as Northrop Grumman, The Telegraph and VMware have seen a ROI of up to 246% after moving their ITSM processes to Atlassian.
In addition to Jira Service Desk’s extensive request-administration functionality, the first version of Jira Service Management will provide improved, integrated change management across all Cloud variants, as well as (IT) incident management functions (involving Opsgenie). Future versions will include more extensive asset and configuration management functions from Mindville, as well as conversation-based ticketing functions from Halp.

Functional Highlights

  • New ITSM templates
  • With the help of different ticket categories for IT incident management, change management and service requests, your team can now manage, forward and classify all work handled by IT.
  • To further enhance the performance of IT incident management or IT disruption management, Jira Service Management has taken incident “swarming” and on-demand alerting capabilities from Opsgenie and integrated them directly into Jira Service Management.
  • Full performance of alarm and on-call management
  • Collaboration and communication in case of severe disruption (major incidents)
  • Integrated post-mortem reports in Confluence
  • Escalation from portal to major disruptions and more
  • Change management built for DevOps
  • New workflow templates for change management
  • Automatic change requests from continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools such as Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Control of change requests
  • Integrated risk assessments.

What changes for you as an existing Jira Service Desk customer?

The easy part

On November 9, 2020, Jira Service Desk (JSD) was renamed Jira Service Management (JSM) in your instances, the Atlassian website and most locations where the Jira Service Desk name existed.

What’s new?

Existing Jira Service Desk Cloud customers will have access to the Opsgenie features that match their current level (at no additional cost) within weeks of November 9, 2020 launch.
For server and data center customers, Jira Service Management will be available in version 4.14, which is scheduled for release by the End of 2020, and will include these new change management functions. IT incident management with the integration of Opsgenie will continue to be available for Server and Data Center via a separate purchase of the Opsgenie App.

Are you interested in Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management will be available in all Cloud editions (Free, Standard, Premium, Enterprise) on November 09, 2020 for new Cloud customers.

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