Enjoy a fully connected service desk with Microsoft 365 and Jira

In this blog post, you'll learn more about how Atlassian's Jira can better connect with Microsoft's Office world.

After all, customers shouldn’t have to rely on scattered communication from the company’s internal service desk. If it is unclear whether a service request is answered by phone, e-mail or in person at the help desk, it is easy to assume that something is wrong.

As internal clients frequently use office tools such as Microsoft Teams, integration with other tools such as Jira (Service Management) is extremely important. This is because service employees expect real-time communication, among other things. The goal must always be quick problem resolution and high customer satisfaction. Users anywhere in the world should be picked up with the tools they know and trust.

How can IT service desks with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365 perform better together? How can we shape the future of a hybrid ITSM work environment? Kreuzwerker’s partner yasoon - app developer available in the Atlassian Marketplace – used their technical experience with Atlassian and Microsoft products to find better solutions. And ultimately, to make internal communication in ITSM quicker, more transparent, and more satisfying for all involved.

yasoon’s Microsoft 365 for Jira app accelerates IT support by ensuring integrated communication across tools and helps agents handle and resolve tickets more efficiently. Transparent and clear communication is an absolute must as organizations shift to remote/hybrid work environments. The Microsoft 365 for Jira app is one of the most successful apps in the Atlassian Marketplace (autumn 2021). Its year-over-year growth is +9% making it one of the most in-demand integrations ever.

How can IT service desks perform better with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365?

Simply put: Incoming tickets from Outlook or Microsoft Teams can be bundled in Jira. Service agents can schedule meetings with their customers or open a Microsoft Teams chat directly within the issue. In addition, the JSM portal can be embedded in Microsoft Teams to simplify ticket creation for internal customers.

01 M365fJ_Speed up ticketing in Jira Service ManagementNEU

Internal clients who tend to work more in Microsoft Teams can easily create support tickets in a well-known environment. They can raise tickets via the JSM customer portal directly in Teams and check on the status of their requests.

02 M365fJ_Conversational ticketing in Microsoft Teams_JSM_portal_NUR CLOUD

As soon as the requests go to support in JSM, service agents there can respond to the requests in an embedded Microsoft Teams chat in Jira.

Yasoon Blog 03 M365

If needed, they can post the issue to an ITSM channel in Microsoft Teams to involve other colleagues.

Yasoon blog 04 M365

Furthermore, if agents need to resolve the issue with a meeting, they can schedule a Microsoft Teams call from within the Jira issue. With just one click, it is possible to see when all needed users are available. Everything is based on Microsoft Outlook calendar data.

05 M365fJ_Send meeting invitiations from Jira

Once service agents receive a support request as an email in Outlook, they can easily create a Jira ticket from Outlook (no more copy and pasting). All required issue fields are already prefilled. Also, past email conversations will be displayed in the Jira ticket. New emails are also displayed in the ticket if the linked conversation continues.

06 M365fJ_Create Jira issues directly in Outlook

Check out this demo video and explore how to speed up your ITSM processes and how teams can save time creating tickets:
Demo: Microsoft 365 for Jira – IT service management use case - YouTube
Microsoft 365 for Jira is the leading Atlassian Marketplace app for integrating Jira with Microsoft tools. What makes it special is that it provides comprehensive integration between Jira, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and even To Do – therefore giving teams working with different tools everything they need to communicate transparently while staying on the platform they feel most comfortable with.

About yasoon: For 10 years yasoon has been developing integration solutions that intelligently connect existing software and make the products even better. As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, yasoon offers apps that make digital processes simpler, more productive and transparent.

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