Atlassian for Startups - Part 1

Jira Software: from software development tool to multi-industry, one-stop-shop, project management tool
Nabil Nassar

Start-ups have a limited set of resources. One of the major reasons 90% of start-ups fail within the first five years is because they are unable to manage their workload or meet their deadlines[1] [2]. Atlassian tools are designed to help teams manage their work efficiently, provide transparency for everyone involved and promote productive collaboration. These tools are designed and built with flexibility in mind, so no matter what business vertical you work in, you will find that Atlassian tools are a start-up’s best productivity partner.

What is the reality of most start-ups and small teams? I mean, actual reality — not the fresh fruit, espresso machines and your colleague’s golden retriever snuffling around the office. The cold, hard truth about most start-ups is that there is a limited budget, never enough time, collaboration across teams can be difficult and scaling to keep up with demand gets trickier as the business grows.

In this series of blogs, we will dig deeper into some of the common challenges that start-ups face and show you how Atlassian tools help start-ups around the world to overcome them.

You may be thinking, “aren’t the Atlassian apps only for software companies or for techies?”

The answer is simple: Not at all!

In fact, the Atlassian apps are built to be flexible and user-friendly. This allows teams in any industry to easily configure the applications in a way that suits their needs and adds the most value. That’s saying a lot, we know, so we’ll give you an example. Let’s see how companies everywhere use Jira Software as a one-stop-shop for project management.

A little bit about Atlassian

Over the past couple of years, Atlassian’s customer base has grown and expanded beyond its original target market of software developers. But what does this ‘customer growth’ look like exactly? For Atlassian, it’s like this:

  • 83% of Fortune 500 companies use Atlassian tools
  • 10m+ monthly active users of Atlassian Cloud products
  • There are 150k+ Atlassian customers in over 190 countries

This means that Atlassian tools not only help teams and companies achieve their goals regardless of their size, but also regardless of their industry[3].

Jira Software as a one-stop project management tool

All companies, big or small, revolve around projects in one way or another.

Whether you are producing goods, offering services, or saving the world, you most likely work in a team to do it – with tasks to complete along the way. Here’s where Jira Software comes in. Jira Software helps teams plan, assign, track, report and manage work. It was originally designed as a bug and issue tracker for software development. However, it soon evolved into a more general work management tool once non-technical teams noticed its accessibility, power and flexibility.

It’s no coincidence that more than 65k companies around the world rely on Jira Software to manage their projects and that Jira Software is used by teams of 2 to 2,000 users[4]. Jira Software helps teams of every kind to stay organised and efficient: from financial services, retail, software, high tech, automotive, non-profits, government, to life sciences and many more verticals[4].

Regardless of the type of project or size of the team, Jira Software always adapts to your needs and specifications. No more compromises or settling for “workarounds.” You might want to start with a simple process, a few data fields and couple of collaborators. Markets and business requirements evolve fast, so you need work management tools that can keep up with you. With Jira Software, it is easy to scale your project and work flows – you can respond and adapt to new changes without downtime or disruption. So, when we say that Jira Software works with you “from incubator to IPO,” we mean it.

Jira Software for ALL teams

If you only take two things away from this blog post, please let them be these: Jira Software is a tool for any industry and Jira Software makes project and work management easier. Here are a few of Jira’s core functionalities – and how they can enable your team to optimise your resources and meet all your project management needs.

Issues, Tasks, or Cards

Each issue or task represents a single unit of work. In other words, these are the things that the team has to address or complete in order to achieve the project goal. These items contain all the information relevant to the task at hand. For example, description, collaborators, attachments, information from other integrated apps, priority level and due dates, among many more. Depending on the company or team, these items are commonly referred to as “cards.”

Once these tasks or cards are created, they are automatically displayed in a project board.


Project Board

The project board is your “command centre”: teams can track a project’s progress using its complete and transparent overview. You can track clearly and easily what your team has already tackled and what still needs to be completed. Project boards can be easily adapted to fit team’s needs. For example, columns can be added or removed, while cards can be filtered in or out to show only what you need to see. The project board reflects what we call the “issue workflow.” That is because the workflow of a task defines how columns in a board are populated as well as the “transition behaviours” of the tasks in the board.



The workflow of a project indicates how tasks move towards the finish line. For example, some teams only need to use a simple workflow, such as “to do - in progress - done.” Other teams or projects may require a more complex workflow that includes approval steps or more. Jira Software makes it easy to adjust your workflow to only what your team or project really needs.


Image source: Atlassian[5]


Some projects depend on timelines. Many companies and teams are starting to favour Agile methodologies, but a simple project roadmap is still extremely useful as an overview of the project’s status. Jira Software takes the information that the team has defined in each task or card and creates an easy-to-use, flexible roadmap. You can change due dates, add new cards, or make dependencies without leaving the Roadmap view. So, not only does it display useful data, it also makes it quick and easy to edit and change items.



Jira Software lets you generate reports in order to track progress, productivity and ensure important metrics are not missed[6]. Particularly for projects with several collaborators or those that extend over longer periods of time, reports can be an excellent way of summarising information and visualising the details that really matter. Jira Software makes reporting easy as well. There are ready-to-use reports that you can prepare in a flash, plus extra options so that you can customise a report if necessary. For example, here’s a ‘Cumulative Flow Diagram.’ This out-of-the-box report helps teams visualise the consistency of work across the team(s). It also helps to detect bottlenecks or shortages within a process, a project, or a team. Super useful – and all at the click of a button.


Image source: Atlassian[5]


For some projects, team leads may need to assign different access privileges to some content pieces, or allow only a few members of the team to perform specific actions. (Sure, it’s not as cool and flashy as a customisable report, but it’s still a valuable feature!) For some projects, privileged access management is essential to handling and completing tasks effectively. In an era when information security and visibility is more crucial than ever, Jira Software makes it easier for project administrators to grant access and privileges to the right people – and with no down-time. Who says permissions have to be a headache? Jira has you covered.

Jira Mobile App

You can’t be in the office 24/7. Sometimes, there are changes to your project while you’re at home, at the pub, or on the sandy beaches of St Tropez. Wherever you are, the Jira Software app helps you to keep things moving. Manage boards, create and edit tasks and stay up to speed with push notifications - because you shouldn’t have to log in to your work computer for a two-minute job. The same thing goes for a quick message or request from a colleague: just use the app and save time or even prevent a bottleneck!

Jira Mobile

Image source: Atlassian[7]

One of the best things about Jira Software is that it’s all out-of-the-box – you can get going on your projects with minimal setup.

There is so much you can do with Jira Software in combination with the ever-growing universe of add-ons (aka plugins), but we’ll get to that in the upcoming posts in this series. For now, we’ve simply highlighted what you and your team can do with Jira Software right away. Over the next few weeks, you can look forward to reading a few of our success stories with start-ups here, in our beloved Berlin. In the meantime, click here to see an example of what the Atlassian tools have done for other start-ups around the world.

For the past few years, we at kreuzwerker have helped a wide range of start-ups improve how they work and achieve unbelievable goals. Before giving our totally transparent assessment, we made sure to work closely with their teams – it’s an important step in understanding their needs, problems, and limitations. Every project is totally unique, so we strive to look at each new client as a brand new challenge. We always tailor our advice and solutions to their specific requirements.

We are not just from anywhere. Our heart and spirit is pure Kreuzberg. Digital technology is a real and honest craft for us, and we believe that listening properly can solve more problems than any Ted Talk ever could. We tell it like it is, and we say what we think. That is who we are and what we do.

What’s next

Stay tuned for our next piece, which will focus on Confluence, Atlassian’s collaborative workspace tool. If you are interested in learning more about how Jira Software can help you and your team manage projects and work, just drop us a line.

Mark your calendar: on June 11th in Berlin, kreuzwerker is hosting the event: “Atlassian in the Start-up World”.


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