Atlassian End of Server - A Review with a View

"Never say it's too late. There's always time to start anew."*

My personal journey with Atlassian began at college. I spent some time trying to convince our university data center to install a “proper” bug tracker. And successfully. With the Jira 2.1 Enterprise Release, I began to get more intensively involved with the customization, administration, optimization and finally the operation of the product.

Server EOL jira

Not only has my work environment, tasks, and ultimately the entire IT landscape completely changed and evolved over the years, but so have the Atlassian products. Through acquisitions, the product range has grown significantly and has been constantly improved, expanded, and optimized.

Jira and Confluence have always accompanied me: as a student, during an internship abroad in Japan, in various research projects, startups and currently, of course, at kreuzwerker. Atlassian products often accompanied us in consulting, and so, we decided to dedicate our own service offering to Atlassian that in 2011. The onboarding as an Atlassian partner consisted of a technical part “Here Be Dragons” and an interview and was quickly mastered.

Server EOL dragon slayer

As Atlassian Experts with a Platinum Solution Partner status, we have been advising our customers on the introduction, adaptation and optimization of Atlassian landscapes since 2012. We train users, power users and admins, provide license management and operate the application as “managed hosting” for more than 650,000 users.

As of yesterday, 02/02/2021, Atlassian has completed the long-announced retirement of server licenses. New server licenses can no longer be purchased. Existing licenses can still be renewed until February 2024.

Server EOL MAC

Atlassian’s ecosystem has grown robustly in recent years and is increasingly consolidating. It’s transformation into a Software-as-a-Service provider has been obvious in recent years - not only through acquisitions such as StatusPage or OpsGenie, but also through the steady expansion of its own Cloud. What started as classic “Managed Hosting” / Atlassian On Demand is now an independent platform developed from scratch: Atlassian Cloud.

Server EOL cloud journey

Over the past years, we have been able to accompany a large number of our customers as server champions in the implementation of individual and flexible solutions based on Jira, Confluence & Co. Out of conviction, even today - 10 years after kreuzwerker was founded - a large number of our business processes are based on Jira & Confluence.

In many exciting discussions with our customers, we were able to recapitulate many of these solutions in recent weeks and months. With the implementation of the legal and regulatory requirements, many customers will be looking to move to the Atlassian Cloud in the medium or long term. The implementation of data residency and data management for apps in the standard and premium plans is now included in the cloud roadmap, as well as Edge BYOK (bring-your-own-key) encryption.

Server EOL roadmap

We look forward to accompanying many customers on their way “into the Cloud” in the coming months and years. In areas where this is not (yet) possible, we’re available as partners to both discuss and find solutions together with you. We of course continue to offer the managed hosting of Atlassian applications.

Many thanks to all our customers for their trust and loyalty over the last years! Here’s to many more years of mutual growth.

Our Atlassian Experts would be happy to answer your questions regarding the switch to the Atlassian Cloud, migration or licensing.

*Quotation: Freely after Konrad Adenauer

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