Railsware is a product studio and Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner. Since 2007, they have shaped their craft in product management, engineering, design, and marketing. Now, they’re applying this craft when consulting clients and building our own solutions. Railsware created their first products as inner tools and today more than 1 million users choose Railsware software for their daily operations. Check out our Smart Checklist for Jira app that is trusted by over 6000 teams and companies worldwide and recommended by 200+ Atlassian Solution Partners.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, kreuzwerker is an official Partner of Railsware. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding Smart Checklist for Jira or simply need a license for the App: atlassian@kreuzwerker.de.

Smart Checklist for Jira

Smart Checklist for Jira

Smart Checklist for Jira is the best choice for teams to create QA, Acceptance Criteria and DoD checklists, manage big recurring ToDo lists, Service Desk tickets, and more! Powered by Markdown full-screen editor, it enables the creation of large checklists with rich formatting. Offering advanced Template editing features, it saves time while working on repeatable tasks and processes. Available on Cloud, Server, and Data Center instances - Smart Checklist makes a perfect fit for all: from SMBs to large Enterprises.

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