Old Street Solutions

Old Street Solutions is an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor that makes software to simplify Atlassian’s powerful platforms. Old Street aims to empower all Jira and Confluence users, from programmers to business users to beginners, to create and collaborate more easily, and manage projects with more competence. Old Street’s apps are about eliminating barriers and bureaucracy so that everyone can be more useful to their teams.

Its flagship app: Custom Charts for Jira, was the fastest-growing paid app in the Atlassian Marketplace (2020).

Company Apps:

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence give everybody the power to produce their own reports and dashboards, not just the programmers. These apps let users build reports that are clearer, more dynamic, and more targeted than those that come out of the box. And they allow you to do that with fillable fields, checkboxes, drag and drop, and absolutely no coding.

External Share for Jira and Confluence

External Share for Jira and Confluence enables you to outsource work and collaborate on documents with partners, customers, and contractors without buying them a Jira or Confluence license. These apps give external users temporary access to a live Jira issue or Confluence page via a unique URL, with time limits, passwords, and easy-to-specify permissions dictating what data they see.

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