New Relic

In our operations bootstrapping and consulting New Relic solutions were often a clear winner - the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud is designed to provide modern DevOps and IT teams with the data and analytics capabilities they need to build and maintain great software at scale. The platform enables access to real-time and historical data across the entire stack — from infrastructure and application to customer experience and business metrics.

DevOps teams need a way to easily see both the entire application architecture, and specific views for the apps they own. Service Maps in New Relic APM is designed to provide a visual representation of the application architecture that can be customized to show only what is relevant to your teams. From our experience we noticed that New Relic’s product significantly reduces the effort to identify bottlenecks.

kreuzwerker became an official New Relic partner in 2016 and since then we are supporting their products on our clients’ side. Our service range from consulting, implementation, coaching and support. Feel free to reach out to our consultants for more information.

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