META-INF is a well-known Atlassian Top Vendor from Hungary. The company started its journey in the Atlassian Ecosystem over 10 years ago. A total of 7 apps from Atlassian Marketplace are used every day by over 5 million users in 5000 companies all over the world. The kreuzwerkers are official partners of META-INF and would be happy to advise you on the introduction, configuration and purchase of app licenses. Contact us at:

Glass Project Documentation for Jira

Glass is a leading Jira project documentation tool for organizations of all scales. Did you know that an average project’s documentation takes up to 40 hours? Optimize working hours with Glass Project Documentation for Jira. Automatically create complete project documentations and export them to Confluence or into a PDF in seconds. Make life easier for your Jira admins, help your users flawlessly understand project configurations, and say goodbye to the pain of manually collecting every detail of a project.

Email This Issue for Jira

Email communication was born in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson first used the @ symbol on ARPANET to designate the destination of his electronic messages. Despite ever-growing social media trends, one remains unquestionable: email is still the most popular method of business communication in the world today.

Email This Issue for Jira is an end-to-end email client solution between your Jira instance and your mail accounts. You can use this app to create email templates from scratch and use them to manually send emails from within Jira issues or assign them to event and customer notifications or workflow post-functions.

Email This Issue for Jira is able to manage multiple incoming and outgoing mail server connections, and comes with advanced incoming mail handling capabilities, such as condition-based email processing, workflow execution, automated information transfer from email content to Jira fields, and so much more.

Content Exporter for Confluence

Easily export Confluence content the way you want it, and forget the hassle of exporting pages one by one. Take the fast track and export entire page trees to PDF, Word, or HTML using Content Exporter for Confluence.

Need to dive deeper into customization? Define custom stylesheets (CSS), add front and back covers, change paper size and orientation, customize page headers and footers? The App from the Atlassian Marketplace makes it easy.

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