K15t helps teams share their knowledge freely, simply, and effectively to better educate and enable their customers. With over 13 years of Atlassian experience, K15t is a Platinum Marketplace Partner delivering apps that enable teams to manage knowledge and share information both within their organization and beyond.


Scroll Solution

With Scroll Documents for Confluence, Scroll Viewport for Confluence, Scroll PDF and Word Exporter, Variants for Scroll Documents and Translations for Scroll Documents.

Confluence powers your team, Scroll powers your documentation. Together they enable you to create a flexible, extensible knowledge base to support your team and educate your customers. Enable your customers, employees and partners with the information they need anytime, anywhere, all from one source. Publish content and documentation as a help center, public or private knowledge base, or deliver content offline as custom-styled PDF and Word documents.

Orderly Databases for Confluence

Orderly Databases for Confluence Cloud helps you structure and organize your content in Confluence on-the-fly. Store and link information with a flexible and dynamic database system to get long-lasting and consistent documents. As easy to use as tables, Orderly supports you in establishing and maintaining structure and relations, even across spaces. Focus on customizing and enriching content and pages to make information easily accessible and consumable for users. Multiple field types and display options make it simple to tailor databases to the information that is most relevant to your team.

Backbone Issue Sync for Jira

Backbone is a flexible yet secure solution for synchronizing multiple Jira instances. Seamlessly collaborate between projects by synchronizing Jira issues in real-time across multiple Jira instances. Link Jira issues on Jira Cloud, Server, and Datacenter, both internally and beyond organizations, with complete data privacy and safety.

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