For over a decade, Comalatech has been helping teams around the world work better together. From offices in Vancouver and Bilbao, the team builds outstanding products for Atlassian Confluence and Jira, including the award-winning app Comala Document Management. If you don’t know them by their apps, you might recognize Comalatech by their “unique” marketing, or their love of good food and drinks. Whether you know them for their apps, or their attitude, it’s hard not to like Comalatech.

kreuzwerker is an official Comalatech partner, and we have successfully implemented and configured the apps in numerous Atlassian setups. If you need support with the implementation of the apps, training or licenses, you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact us.

Comala Document Management

Hundreds of businesses around the world use Comala Document Management to bring approval processes and document management to their Confluence instances. Formerly known as Comala Workflows, Document Management lets teams build customized approval processes that can be applied to pages, spaces, or even entire installations. The app extends what Confluence can do by adding page expiries, electronic signatures, and more. Available for Confluence Cloud and Data Center.

Comala Document Control

Like its bigger sibling, Comala Document Control gives teams the ability to add approvals to Confluence. Unlike Document Management, the workflows in Document Control are not customizable. But, its built-in, pre-made workflows help companies of all sizes take control of their documentation. The included workflows bring extra functionality to Confluence, such as the Page Expiry workflow, or the QMS workflow, which adds electronic signatures. Just like Document Management, Comala Document Control is available for Confluence Cloud or Data Center.

Comala Publishing

Confluence is an amazing tool for collaboration, but sometimes you want more control over who sees what content. Comala Publishing lets you separate your draft from your published content so that end users only see the final, finished documents. Publishing can happen with the touch of a button, and it also clears your published document of any old comments or other artifacts from the creation process. Comala Publishing is available for Confluence Cloud and Data Center.

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