Welt Edition von WeltN24 durch kreuzwerker jetzt noch erreichbarer

Jonas Petersen

Wieder einmal wurde WeltN24 durch die kreuzwerker unterstützt. Diesmal um die Reichweite ihres Premium-Produkts "Welt Edition" zu erweitern.

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Christmas à la Kreuzwerker

Hadar Badt

What better time to join the kreuzwerker family in Berlin than right before Christmas? One handsome Christmas tree? Check. Stockings filled with yummy surprises? Check. Family members showing up at the office and helping decorate our Berlin office,…

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GOTO Berlin 2016

Alexander Pruss

The GOTO Berlin Conference, otherwise known as Gotober, takes place in November. There’s an ticket open to move it to October, but it won’t make it into the 2017 release. Tech debt can be hard to pay off!

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Besuchen Sie uns auf den Agile Testing Days!

Daniel Meisen

Vom 05. - 09. Dezember findet dieses Jahr erneut Europas größte Agile Software Testing Konferenz in Potsdam statt.

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Unsere 2017er Wandkalender sind eingetroffen!

Tilmann Eing

Wie noch jedes Jahr haben wir auch für 2017 wieder unter rund einhundert Motiven vier Kreuzberger Impressionen gefunden, mit welchen wir ein Kalenderset zusammengestellt haben.

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Serverless Conference London 2016

David Wabnitz

Almost two weeks ago I went to the Serverless Conference in London - as far as I know the first and currently only - conference series dedicated to serverless technologies, architectures and the surrounding vendor ecosystem and their respective user…

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Atlassian Summit 2016

Daniel Meisen

It's that time of the year: the temperature is dropping, leaves are changing their color. The Summer in Berlin is slowly fading away and that also means: time again for big announcements in the Atlassian Ecosystem, catching up with fellow Atlassian…

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Uneasy, but Feasible: Server-Side MS-Word Processing with .NET

Mathias Münscher

Partial automatization of Word documents makes our client's employees happy. Us as well.

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Meet PaperGPS - a new app from kreuzwerker

Andrzej Korasiak

Thanks to our new app you can easily add GPS support to your favorite paper map and use it offline on your phone with many extra features.

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Terraform 101 - protect your origins

Joern Barthel

With the advent of Terraform we've been migrating more and more of our custom executable infrastructure tooling away from different custom toolchains (in Ruby, Python and Node) and CloudFormation stacks towards Terraform. This journey has recently…

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