Retmer van Dongen

Retmer has been working in the IT industry for well over 20 years both as a software developer, business analyst, architect, and consultant. His specialties include requirements analysis, data modeling and functional design.

His career had taken a rather surprising turn: after completing a master's degree in Horticulture and Informatics at Wageningen University, Retmer found himself transforming from a database and software specialist into a business analyst and consultant. Nowadays he incorporates both in his work—no one appreciates the synergy between the IT and business worlds more than him. He is particularly interested in model-based software development.

At kreuzwerker, Retmer is part of the Atlassian team of consultants, assisting and guiding our clients in implementing JIRA and Confluence. When it comes to Atlassian products, database design, SQL, XML, XSLT, .NET, Agile/Scrum, object-oriented design and modeling, Retmer is your guy.

Those of you wanting to learn more about birds need—look no further! As an ambitious ornithologist, Retmer enjoys spending his free time in nature, observing birds in their environment. He is also a known fan of ice skating, just waiting for those cold temperatures to hit the frozen lakes.  

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