Marta Buda

Marta considers herself a Ruby enthusiast. In fact, it was during her computer science studies at Gdansk University that she had found the magic in Ruby, completely falling in love with it. After graduation, Marta joined the kreuzwerker team as a Ruby developer—of course—furthering her skills and acquiring hands-on experience.

Her speciality lies in APIs: either adding new features to existing APIs (as is usually the case) or writing them from scratch.

At kreuzwerker, she usually works on projects which involve the usage of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and Javascript.

Martha isn't only passionate about Ruby, though. Japan also has a special place in her heart. Everything about this country amazes her: the culture, the history, the customs, and of course, the language itself. In her free time, Marta likes to read good books full of plot twists or bake cookies. Learning new things always makes her happy.  

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