Małgorzata Wojciechowska

Małgorzata's wide and diverse experience as a project manager in the IT industry encompasses all stages of a project's lifecycle: from analysis, conception, and prototyping, to proof of concept, design, development, testing and implementation of ready-to-use/existing solutions.

Małgorzata moved to Berlin in order to study computer science and linguistics at FU (Freie Universität Berlin). Like many others, she found herself staying longer than she had expected, making Berlin her new home.

At kreuzwerker, she works as the main interface between two major clients, AIDA & COSTA, and the development team. Her job includes initiation of IT Projects, scope clarification, call for proposals, definition, prioritization and documentation of requirements and specifications.

As the point of contact between business units and IT experts, Małgorzata is responsible for guaranteeing that all tasks and development targets are being met. She also takes ownership of releasing/integrating new solutions and maintaining existing solutions and processes.

In her free time, Małgosia enjoys going on road trips with her family or hiking in nature.  

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