Hadar Badt

Upon completion of a bachelor's in economics and management from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Hadar began working as an economist at a big bank, and later as an analyst and content writer for a leading Israeli business consultancy firm.

During her MBA studies, she also worked for Intel Israel, both as a project manager in the IT organization and as the marketing and PR manager of Intel's open innovation center. After leaving Intel, she flew to Peru, where she volunteered as an economist in the field of micro finance and then traveled throughout South America.

Hadar moved to Berlin 3 years ago in order to pursue different writing projects. Before joining kreuzwerker, she had worked as a freelance copywriter/content writer, translator, and journalist. At kreuzwerker, Hadar is part of the marketing team. She contributes to our internal and external communication efforts and takes ownership of our content.

Hadar loves to read and write and is also a culture and language lover, having lived on 4 different continents and traveled the world for more than 1.5 years. She’s currently in the process of publishing her first novel.  

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