Alexander Pruss

Alexander's academic and scientific background speaks for itself; as a mathematics student at Duke University, he tackled complex problems of optimal control and scientific computing. His magnum opus was a publication on how to turn conducting spiky fractal balls invisible. Science!

After finishing his Master's degree, Alexander was sponsored by the State of Berlin to spend a year as a visiting researcher at Humboldt University. He took to the city like a fish to water, and ended up staying in Berlin to start his career as a software engineer.

Alexander first worked as an engineer for the Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies AG, where he led the conceptualization and development of various projects as well as the automatization and optimization of complex internal business processes.

At kreuzwerker, he works as a senior IT consultant. He specializes in back-end development using Go, Ruby, and Java. When he's not busy working on a project, Alexander can be found either in bouldering halls or up on a stage at an open mic night.  

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