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Uneasy, but Feasible: Server-Side MS-Word Processing with .NET

Mathias Münscher

Partial automatization of Word documents makes our client's employees happy. Us as well.

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Building a pipedrive add-on with Atlassian Connect Express for HipChat

Daniel Meisen

Here at kreuzwerker we use HipChat a lot in our day-to-day communication. Along the obligatory youtube links and "lunch is ready"-messages, one type of information we share quite often is pipedrive deal URLs.

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Why Clojure Rocks

Andreas Profous

Recently, I’ve been learning about Clojure, and I have to say I’m impressed. I just started to learn about the language in my spare time, but my impression is very positive; all the different pieces seem to just magically interact together such that…

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User-Interface Tests mit Selenium

Martin Fleischer

Automatisierte Tests sowie deren Durchführung im Rahmen einer Continuous Integration stellt einen wesentlichen Faktor zur Sicherstellung einer hohen Qualität in Softwareprojekten dar. Die Entwicklung und Automation von Tests nimmt daher in den…

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