Media Hack Day 2014

Jan Nabbefeld

Welcome to the world of publishing! A market with an enormous history is searching for innovation. Hunderts of publishing companies out there trying to find new solutions to sale their digital content based on state of the art technology. Finding an exciting and rewarding way to distribute daily breaking news, expert knowledge and even gossip is the challenge.

Being part of this race the kreuzwerker are a main sponsor of the Media Hack Day 2014 which is a warm up for Digital Innovator’s Summit 2014. On the 22th and 23th of March we will contributing the event taking place at the Axel Spring Plug & Play Accelerator in Berlin.

Working together with Axel Springer ideas the kreuzwerker looking forward watching you hacking the best mobile publishing app. See you there!

Jan Nabbefeld

Jan arbeitet seit über zehn Jahren in der IT-Branche. Während seiner Karriere trug er zu zahlreichen Softwareprojekten bei. Seine Arbeit als Softwareentwickler umfasst Projekte von low-level Kernel-Treiber Implementierung bis zu objektorientierte Programmierung mit verschiedenen…

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