Managed service provider program for AWS

Joern Barthel

Most of our cloud operations consultants have been working with AWS cloud since its inception where the landscape consisted just out of EC2 and S3. Since becoming an AWS partner in 2012, our consulting approach has remained the same when it comes to the ownership of cloud operations on the customers' side: we aimed to share our experience, knowledge and tooling to make ourselves redundant in the end. Our primary goal has always been to spread knowledge and help our customers become equally skilled in tackling the unique challenges of the cloud.

In 2017, we have come to understand that this is no longer viable in all cases: the number of services in AWS and other environments is raising steadily, in lockstep with their feature set. In their wake follows a number of explicit and implicit best practices, high-level best practices like architecting for resilience, cost controlling, monitoring and security as well as an ever growing ecosystem of first and third party tooling. For some of our customers, dealing with this is simply no longer a viable part of their core business.

With that in mind, we present our managed service provider program for AWS, where we take the pain out of following issues:

  1. Infrastructure access-control and monitoring;
  2. Cost-management and controlling as well as advice on reserved capacity and instance spending using monthly reports;
  3. Custom tooling for AWS' missing features and operator support;
  4. Standardised deployment interfaces.

In this setup, we take care of the heavy lifting of keeping your infrastructure safe, cost effective and up. You still retain full control over the software side of things, in a technical as well as a compliance and regulatory sense.

As software engineering and cloud operations consultants, we have established a solid experience that puts us in a unique position to effectively consult your product owners, architects and software engineers and to anticipate your future needs in an ever-changing market. We are consultants first and foremost, who don't try to bridge the old managed service provider world into the new infrastructure as a service environment.

Image credits for the cover image go to: TechRepublic

Joern Barthel

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