Christmas time is here!

Róża Pniewska

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. At kreuzwerker, we pay special attention to Christmas celebration, as we would like to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere for all of our international employees, so they could feel like at home.

With a pure pleasure we are watching how our kreuzwerker's family is growing. This year we gathered together >70 people, from 17 different countries. Christmas dinner is also a lovely occasion to reunite with our colleagues from Warsaw office. Definitely, we all had a blast! 😉

Let's do some magic first!

We are one team when it comes to work, but also when the help is needed. We joined forces to turn our office into a ballroom. Doesn't it look charming? 😄

Christmas room

The Christmas tree with candles looked simply delightful! We can say proudly that kreuzwerker has the most beautiful Christmas tree in whole Kreuzberg!

Christmas tree


Can you imagine Christmas without presents? No? Neither we can.

Christmas presents

Our presents (traditional Solitaire game) were made by the company USE (Union Sozialer Einrichtungen gemeinnützige GmbH). The process of production took a couple of weeks, but it was worth waiting, as quality created here can be seen all around. The end product represents a pure craftsmanship! Everything is handmade, and below you can see some photos from a backstage:

Christmas presents3

Christmas presents4

Christmas presents2

Christmas presents5


This year we decided to add more entertainment. We played a bingo that appeared to be a pretty vivid and emotional game for all kreuzwerkers. 😉

Christmas bingo2

Everyone focused on either our host - Tilman, or checking winning numbers.

Christmas bingo

We enjoyed the menu prepared from the top class chefs. Food was absolutely delicious, pure heaven on earth!

Starting from the top, we have tartare of tuna, pumpkin soup, white halibut - saddle of veal - wild broccoli - amandine potatoes - sweet potatoes - buckwheat with herbs and sour cream, chocolate mousse - brownie - choice sherbet.

Could it be better? 😄

Christmas menu

Christmas menu2

Christmas menu3

Christmas menu4

We are so lucky to have Ulrike on board. We would like to thank her for organising this memorable event.

At this point, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2018 from kreuzwerker!

Róża Pniewska

Róża began her professional journey with marketing and communication during Bachelor programme at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, where she studied sociology and social communication. Afterwards, she moved to Denmark to start Master studies at Aalborg Universitet - famous…

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