Atlassian OOP 2017 - Retrospective

Daniel Meisen

It has been a long time that I personally visited OOP as an attendee. With the OOP being one of the major developemt conferences in Germany of course we did not hesitate when Atlassian asked us to be part of the Atlassian booth and present on the Atlassian Special Day.


Along with six other German Atlassian Solution Partners we presented our full range of Atlassian Services and enjoyed the numerous discussions on methodologies, patterns, best practices and solutions. During the Atlassian Special Day, there were a number of great talks on different topics related to Atlasian tools. We gave a brief intro on how to setup a Best-in-Class Agile Tesing infrastructure using TestRail and JIRA. Slides are here, the recording will follow.

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Daniel Meisen

Daniel ist seit über einer Dekade Softwareentwickler, Berater und Coach. Neben Exkursen in die Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme und modellgetriebener Entwicklung operiert er vorwiegend agil und objektorientiert in Ruby und Java. Nach Abschluss des Studiums zum Diplom…

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