Jonatan Reiners

Jonatan has worked as a software developer and engineer for over 9 years. His specialties include working with Ruby on Rails, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Golang, APIs, Go, and Microservices, to name a few.

After acquiring a degree in computer science at The University of Bremen (Universität Bremen), he began working as a web and database developer. 6 years later, he left Osnabrück and moved to Berlin, where he worked as a back-end engineer and software architect for Priori Data—designing and implementing big data infrastructure for data analysis and estimation—as well as for ZenMate, where he managed the entire software life cycle (requirements gathering, architecture analysis, migration strategy, implementation, and rollout) of various projects; the company's payment component being the biggest of them.

At kreuzwerker, Jonatan is a team manager within Engineering Unit. He is also experienced software engineer, responsible for requirements management, implementation, and design of a client's trading platform.

As he is a big believer in agile work environments, he constantly (and gladly) pushes forward agile practices in his team.

In his free time, Jonathan likes to go for a hike and practice mantrailing with his Beagle.  

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